Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health

December 30, 2020

by Katherine Hall, MD, Athens Family Practice

As we enter the final weeks of what has certainly been an unprecedented year, health and well-being has perhaps never been more at the forefront of our thoughts. The ongoing pandemic has shown us that it continues to be imperative for us to make our physical health a priority.

Preventive care is a key factor in maintaining your overall health. Annual well visits and health screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies can help you and your provider stay on top of any health issues that may arise before they become serious. They also allow you to develop a good provider-patient relationship and play an important role in helping you stay on the road to good health.

Beyond the importance of preventive care, it’s also a good idea to not delay on surgeries or procedures you may need – whether it’s a joint replacement, hernia repair, wound care or other procedure. Staying on top of needed procedures and avoiding any unnecessary delays can help you get back to doing what you love sooner and help keep further issues or complications at bay.

Want some good news? Taking care of your health can be easier on your wallet than you might assume. In fact, many health insurance plans offer regular wellness exams and other age-specific preventive health screenings at little or no cost to you. And if you’ve already met your health insurance deductible for 2020, your out-of-pocket expenses for procedures could be minimal or even zero!

If you have been putting off any preventive screenings, well visits or procedures due to concerns over COVID-19 exposure, you are not alone. But you can be assured that Starr Regional Medical Center is committed to ensuring a safe place of care for you. From enhanced cleaning procedures, socially distanced public areas and requiring everyone entering our facility to wear a mask, to daily health screenings for providers and employees and consistent monitoring of supplies, Starr Regional Medical Center and our providers are prepared and ready to take care of you.

If you’ve been putting off care, these last few weeks of the year are a great time to schedule your preventive care or procedure – before your insurance deductible resets in January. Visit the Find a Doctor tab at to setup your appointment today and finish 2020 strong.

Katherine Hall, MD
Katherine Hall, MD, is a family practice physician at Athens Family Practice